Punk Bazaar Photos!

Here are some photos from Tuesday’s bazaar at the Biercade; taken by my friends Eduardo and Natalie.
The punk bazaar was intended to bring different types of artists together and interact and support eachother by attracting their different clients and audiences. Every booth filled up with amazing products which ranged from handmade to old-school goodies. We also had a talented tattoo artist which got to tattoo about 7 people within a 5 hour time frame; and an amazing street artist and photographer known for his awesome wave walls. Within the hour the place filled with locals, tourists, band supporters, horror movie fans, urban artists, a few of my loyal customers and friends. Mission accomplished!

It was a great experience; one that showed just how close and supportive the “underground” music scene is and how different kinds of people all come together to support the local arts and small busineness.





band merch pt.2 / Fractal Clothing

Slight delay on blog post! Turns out I’ve been receiving more promotion than usual thanks to my first batch of tshirts for LopoDrido. Received a bulk order last week for the band Vieja Estirpe. This one consisted of 12 tshirts in black and red with white ink.


Having finished this order, I received another one from LopoDrido: 20 tshirts all in black!

I’ve also kept busy these days planning out my first ever bazaar, in which I’ll unite different types of artists and vendors under one roof on November 5th. Things are slowly taking shape and I’m very excited about it!

Last but not least: the new Fractal shop is open. Still in its baby stage with very few products. You can check it out here: http://www.fractalclothing.etsy.com

A quick look into Fractal Clothing


A new line of prints is born! Fractal Clothing is a smaller collection of prints, separate from Samsara in terms of style and color. I wanted to create something different and more personal this time, considering all of Samsara is “vintage” art and not drawn by me. Fractal on the other hand, will be inspired on geometry, sacred lines, astronomy and beyond. The art will be either drawn, edited and/or intervened by me.


I’ll also be experimenting with darker colors this time!
A new shop will be made for Fractal to separate my styles, which I’ll post once it’s ready for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, take a look at some bits and pieces of what Fractal is all about.