band merch pt.2 / Fractal Clothing

Slight delay on blog post! Turns out I’ve been receiving more promotion than usual thanks to my first batch of tshirts for LopoDrido. Received a bulk order last week for the band Vieja Estirpe. This one consisted of 12 tshirts in black and red with white ink.


Having finished this order, I received another one from LopoDrido: 20 tshirts all in black!

I’ve also kept busy these days planning out my first ever bazaar, in which I’ll unite different types of artists and vendors under one roof on November 5th. Things are slowly taking shape and I’m very excited about it!

Last but not least: the new Fractal shop is open. Still in its baby stage with very few products. You can check it out here:


band merch? Why not?!

I recently had the oportunity to make tshirts for the local punk band Lopo Drido, one of the first bands of its genre to emerge here in Puerto Rico ( circa 1990 ). Lopo Drido is one of the few oldschool bands who has kept playing despite their changes in lineup and a few years of hiatus. Rising from the grave, so to speak, they did their first show last night at the record release of the band Las Ardillas ( one of my favorites! ) and it was awesome.

Their merch consisted of pins, stickers and 20 tshirts in black and white.



Interested in listening to their tunes? Check out these links:

And if you’d like to have some custom work done, I’m available for wholesale services. Email me at or visit

Til next week!

black and white

This week has overwhelmed me with work, which is always a great thing in my book. Between brainstorming for a new line of prints (details coming soon!), working on local orders and trying out the new batch of plastisol ink, it’s been a busy last couple of days. Below is an example of the custom work I did for a local music artist:


Working with white plastisol can be such a big hassle sometimes; but – like with everything – practice makes perfect. Which is why I decided to print out these awesome shirts aswell:

My new line will include lots of black and white work, so we’ll see how that goes.

As I keep practicing and working different techniques I’ll also work on new designs for the shop. Lots of goodies coming your way so STAY TUNED!