office space

Today’s post is dedicated to my little workspace/office. Here’s where I do all my promotion, brainstorming, bookkeeping, and general tasks online (blogging included)!Image

Some of the usual items seen around the workspace:

  • laptop – where the magic happens!
  • Samsara book – for all my book-keeping needs. Includes transactions, receipts, tracking information for all my orders, a task calendar, etc. I do my book-keeping by hand but also keep records on my laptop.
  • Task Calendar – to keep myself organized online, I made a calendar with daily tasks to do on different networks. For example: on Mondays I make treasuries on Etsy, renew listings, post on Instagram. Tuesdays are for Tumblr, Pinterest, promotion on etsy teams, and so forth. This is something I think all small businesses like mine should have. It’ll keep you sane, trust me! 😉
  • Crafts – whatever I’m working on which requires extra space other than my screenprint room


Today’s crafts include: stickers and business cards ❤


DIY stickers and promotional cards.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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